Monday, May 12, 2014

9/11 Museum Exclusive Silk Scarves

This scarf is a Paula Barr panoramic photograph, entitled "Liberty Between the Towers". The skyline image was taken from an abandoned pier in New Jersey in order to capture Lady Liberty precisely between the Twin Towers on a beautiful day. The 100% silk scarf measures 22 x 72 inches.

 This scarf features Paula Barr's panoramic photograph, entitled "Lunchtime on the WTC Plaza," of downtown workers and visitors gathering on the World Trade Center's plaza, which sometimes served as a public space for concerts and other outdoor programs. The vast scale of the Twin Towers, the reflective surfaces and striking gothic arches created by the steel tridents inspired photographers to depict them from every perspective. Two tridents recovered from the North Tower now stand in the Museum Pavilion. The 100% silk scarf measures 22 x 72 inches.

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