Friday, June 28, 2019



The sculptures explode out of the galleries. They seem to have the energy that could push the walls apart...In some works, like Atalanta and Hippomenes (2017), the rigid structure of the grid is broken by the application of large, billowing white forms that seem to weave and expand across the vertical and horizontal planes. Inspired by the ethereal quality of smoke rings—which have long captivated Stella— the abstract form appears weightless despite its grand scale.

This sensation is further accentuated by the way the grid is affixed to the wall, giving it a contrasting feel of solidity. In others, such as Leeuwarden II (2017), the fiberglass grid is suspended within a metal frame, with brightly-colored, almost neon, ribbons dramatically swooping in and out of it, imbuing the work with a vivid sense of motion. The juxtaposition of materials, from colored fiberglass to bare steel to PU-foam, adds further texture and depth to the sculptures and contributes to the shifting experience of the work as one changes position and perspective.

 Frank Stella: Recent Work will be on view from April 25 through June 22 across both of the Marianne Boesky Gallery’s Chelsea locations at 509 and 507 W. 24th Street.


  1. yet another facet of the multi-faceted paula barr. loved reading such a pithy appreciation of stella's smoke rings. one favor, s'il vous plait? next time please post in time for your fans to visit before show closes. oodles!